Music Nomad String Fuel Refill Bottle

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15ml String Cleaner & LubricantS Refill Bottle

This Refill bottle is designed to refuel our String Fuel Applicator (MN109 sold separately) once the applicator becomes dry over a period of time due to usage.
Our String Fuel formulation is a hybrid blend of refined naturally occurring oils that are speed blended with premium quality mineral oils to deliver a string cleaner & lubricant like no other.
Our proprietary formulation allows you to both clean & protect your strings to last longer & sound better while reducing the finger noise & enhancing the speed you can slide your fingers.
It's silicone free & even conditions unfinished fretboard wood.
This bottle can re-fuel the String Fuel Applicator (sold separately) a minimum two times. Specially designed dropper makes refueling a cinch.

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