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Introducing the MXR Super Comp Compressor, a pedal that takes the classic Dyna Comp Compressor one step further! Countless pros have relied on the original Dyna Comp for its ability to tighten up signals, add rich sustain, and create those iconic percussive sounds heard on hit records. Now, the Super Comp brings even more versatility and control to your fingertips.

With the Super Comp, you have the power to dial in the perfect setting to keep your parts exactly where they belong in the mix. The Output and Sensitivity knobs give you precise control over your compression levels, ensuring you get that ideal blend of sustain and dynamics. What sets the Super Comp apart is the new Attack Level control, which allows you to maintain your initial bite and chunk while pouring on the sustain. This means you can achieve tight, snappy clean tones and soaring lead tones with ease.

Whether you're a studio recording artist or a live performer, the MXR Super Comp is your go-to pedal for achieving a polished and professional sound. It provides that extra punch and control to take your guitar playing to the next level. Don't settle for average compression—experience the power and performance of the MXR Super Comp Compressor and unleash your true potential on stage and in the studio.

The MXR Super Comp Compressor has been a staple on many professional pedalboards, favored by notable users from various genres. Some of the notable users of the MXR Super Comp Compressor include:

  1. John Mayer - Renowned blues and pop-rock guitarist known for his intricate playing and smooth tone.

  2. Alex Lifeson (Rush) - The legendary guitarist of the progressive rock band Rush, known for his diverse range of tones.

  3. Brent Hinds (Mastodon) - Guitarist for the heavy metal band Mastodon, famous for their complex and heavy sound.

  4. Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins) - The frontman and guitarist of The Smashing Pumpkins, known for their alternative rock sound.

  5. Jim Root (Slipknot, Stone Sour) - Guitarist for Slipknot and Stone Sour, recognized for his heavy and aggressive playing style.

  6. Nels Cline (Wilco) - A versatile and experimental guitarist who plays with the alternative rock band Wilco.

  7. Mike Einziger (Incubus) - Guitarist for the alternative rock band Incubus, known for their unique blend of rock, funk, and hip-hop.

  8. Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age) - Guitarist for Queens of the Stone Age and known for his atmospheric and groove-based playing.

  9. Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies) - Guitarist for Whitesnake and The Dead Daisies, renowned for his hard rock and bluesy style.

Grab the MXR Super Comp now and join the ranks of legendary guitarists who have made this compressor their secret weapon for years. Step up your game, and let the Super Comp elevate your tone to new heights.

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