NUX Analog Delay Effects Pedal

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NUX Analog Delay Effects Pedal
Time, Repeat & Mix Controls True Bypass

Analog Delay Effects Pedal
NU-X Analog Series AD-3 Analog Delay Effects Pedal
"Bucket Brigade" Technology
The NU-X AD-3 is an analog delay with all the great characteristics of the sought after "Bucket Brigade" technology which produces a warm and successful delay.
With its 600ms of maximum delay time and feedback that can be pushed into buildup, you can achieve a wide range of your favorite delay sounds.
"Bucket Brigade" refers to a technique that places several thousand capacitors on a chip and allows each capacitor to hold a very small amount of the audio signal (less than one millisecond).
These buckets are placed in a line (brigade) so that the signal can be passed from one capacitor to the next.
An urchip regulates how fast the signal passess throughout the "brigade" and thus creates a delayed version of the original signal, which can be heard as an echo effect.
Since capacitors are not optimal for transmitting an audio signal, the sound will deteriorate, the longer the signal will flow through the chain of capacitors, which you will hear as a loss of tweeter and clarity.
This "error" is part of what makes "Bucket Brigade" pedals so popular among guitarists.
The "Bucket Brigade" technology gives NU-X AD-3 the pure analog delay effect with a heat that is not obtained from other digital delay pedals.
Analog delay pedal for electric guitars
Bucket Brigade design
Warm and successful echo effect
600ms maximum delay
True bypass
Time, Repeat & Mix controls
LED indicator shows status of effect and battery condition
Input impedance: 1M
Output impedance: 10K
Power: 9V Battery or DC 9V Adapter
Dimensions: 121(L) x 77(W) x 48(D) mm
Weight: 230 grams


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