Remo E1-0316-00 16 Inch Buffalo Drum

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Embark on a rhythmic journey through the ages with the REMO E1-0316-00 Buffalo drum. This masterpiece, inspired by the rich musical tapestry of indigenous Americas, stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation, meticulously crafted to offer an immersive and captivating playing experience.

Expanding the sonic horizons, the Buffalo drum boasts a 16" diameter Acousticon® shell, rising to a height of 3½". This larger size amplifies the resonance and depth of the tones, allowing you to explore a diverse spectrum of sounds with every strike. The pre-tuned Fiberskyn® head ensures immediate playability, eliminating the need for tuning and enabling you to dive straight into your musical exploration.

A rope suspension handle pays homage to traditional playing techniques while providing convenient portability. This handle allows you to carry your rhythms wherever your musical journey leads, whether it's a solitary practice or a shared performance.

Included with the Buffalo drum is a mallet, granting you effortless access to the drum's boundless potential. From ancient echoes to contemporary beats, the REMO Buffalo drum in its 16" iteration invites you to traverse time through sound. Embrace the convergence of tradition and innovation, and let the Buffalo drum guide you on a musical odyssey that bridges cultures and generations.

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