Remo 22 Inch Renaissance Frame Drum

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The Remo 22-Inch Renaissance Frame Drum is a high-quality percussion instrument suitable for professionals, educators, and beginners. Here are some key features of this drum:

  1. 22-Inch Diameter: This frame drum has a large 22-inch diameter, providing a broad playing surface for a full and resonant sound. The generous size allows for diverse playing techniques and tones.

  2. Pre-Tuned: The drum comes pre-tuned, which means it's ready to play right out of the box. You won't need to spend time tuning the drum before each use, making it convenient for various musical applications.

  3. Wooden Shell: The drum features a 2.5-inch wooden shell that adds warmth and depth to the sound. The wooden shell contributes to the drum's resonance and durability.

  4. Renaissance Series Head: The drumhead is part of the Renaissance series, known for its high quality and clear sound. Renaissance drumheads are appreciated for their tonal characteristics, making them suitable for various musical styles.

  5. Medium Oak Finish: The drum's shell comes with a medium oak finish, providing an attractive and classic appearance. The finish not only adds to the drum's aesthetics but also helps protect the wooden shell.

The Remo Renaissance Frame Drum is designed for versatility and ease of use. Whether you're a professional percussionist, music educator, or a beginner, this drum offers a clear and resonant sound that can complement a wide range of musical genres. Its pre-tuned nature makes it an excellent choice for musicians who want to spend less time on tuning and more time on playing and creating music.

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