Remo Originals 6 & 7 Inch Synthetic Skin Red Bongos

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Remo 6 & 7 Inch Synthetic Skin Red Bongos
Red Fiberskyn Bongos

The BG-5300-52 from REMO's Originals series introduces a captivating set of two hand drums designed to elevate your musical experience. These drums are thoughtfully crafted to provide an exceptional blend of resonant tones and user-friendly features, making them an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned percussionists.

Included in this set are two hand drums, each measuring 6" and 7" in size. This variety allows you to explore a diverse range of tones and experiment with different playing styles. What sets these drums apart is the pre-tuned Remo Fiberskyn® heads. Renowned for their reliability and consistent tuning, these heads eliminate the need for frequent adjustments, enabling you to focus on playing without distractions. The Acousticon® shells used in the drums' construction contribute to a balanced and resonant sound, ensuring that every beat and rhythm is conveyed with clarity and depth.

Visually, the deep red finish of these drums adds a touch of elegance to their design, making them not only a joy to play but also a delight to behold. With a modest height of 5", these hand drums are not only easy to carry but also ergonomically designed for comfortable playing sessions. Whether you're practicing in your room, performing on stage, or joining jam sessions, the BG-5300-52 hand drum set from REMO's Originals series offers both convenience and superior sound quality, serving as a versatile companion on your musical journey.

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