Remo 7.5 Inch South Indian Style Kanjira Drum

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South Indian Style Drum Skyndeep Ultratac Head

Experience the enchanting echoes of South India with the REMO ET-8227-00 Kanjira. A contemporary marvel that encapsulates the essence of the original drum, this 7" diameter and 2½" high instrument is a gateway to a world of traditional rhythms and modern versatility.

Every beat of this Kanjira is a testament to its authenticity. Crafted to honor its origins, the drum's key-tuned construction ensures precise tonal control, letting you evoke the spirit of South India's musical heritage. The Skyndeep® Ultratac fixed drum head further enriches the sound, allowing for resonant tones that embody both tradition and innovation.

Intricately designed with an antique veneer finish, this Kanjira is not just an instrument but a work of art. Its appearance reflects the rich cultural tapestry of South India, connecting you with a legacy of rhythm and melody.

The REMO ET-8227-00 Kanjira lets you embark on a journey through time and music. With each stroke, you breathe life into centuries-old traditions, blending them seamlessly with the contemporary rhythms of today. It's more than a drum; it's a bridge between cultures and generations, inviting you to explore the boundless possibilities of sound and creativity.

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