Remo E1-1316-BE 16 Inch Bahia Buffalo Drum Black Earth

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Mallet Rope Handle Low Frequency Bass Tone

Introducing the REMO E1-1314-BE Bahia Buffalo drum, a captivating tribute to the rich heritage of the Americas' indigenous cultures. With its 14" diameter and 3½" height, this drum brings forth the essence of ancient rhythms and connects them with modern musical expression.

Embodying the spirit of unity, the Acousticon® shell serves as the foundation for this drum, resonating with tradition while accommodating contemporary needs. The vinyl Bahia Bass fixed pre-tuned drum head captures the depth and character of its namesake, creating resonant tones that pay homage to the instrument's origins.

Finished in a dignified black matte, this drum encapsulates both visual and auditory allure. Each beat is a testament to the diverse tapestry of musical traditions, offering a means of exploration and creativity.

With the REMO E1-1314-BE Bahia Buffalo drum, you invite the rhythms of the past to dance harmoniously with the melodies of the present. As your mallet connects with the drum's surface, let the history and beauty of the indigenous cultures resonate through your music, creating a captivating dialogue between tradition and innovation.

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