Remo 6 Inch Tamani Talking Drum

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Traditional Rope-Tuning System Textured Antique Finish

This hour glass shaped drum emulates the original Tama drum from Senegal, Africa.
Remo's inventive drum and drumhead experience makes it possible to bring this ancient instrument to the modern world!
Historically, Talking drum masters could actually send messages to others by striking the drum with a curve drum stick modulating the pitch by squeezing or pulling the strings.
Antique Remo's Tamani Talking Drum features a traditional rope-tuning system which that produces warm and authentic sound, making it ideal for pitch-bending
Constructed with an eco-friendly Acousticon shell (made from 100% recycled wood-fiber plies), Skyndeep Ultratac heads and a textured antique finish
The Tamani Talking Drum is an excellent choice for students, teachers and professional drummers looking for low maintenance and high-quality sound
Acousticon shell Skyndeep Ultratac synthetic drumhead
Acousticon drum shell with Antique finish-6" diameter x 11" height.
Traditional rope tuning
Mallet not included. Replacement heads are available.

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