Remo 10 Inch Island Finish Tribal Drum

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10" Floor Or Table Tom, Fiberskyn 3 Pre-Tuned Drum Head C/W Mallets

Introducing the TU-5080-16 Remo 10" Floor or Table Tom—a dynamic addition to the Remo Kid's Percussion Collection designed to spark young musicians' passion and nurture their rhythmic talents.

Standing at a comfortable 7½" height with molded feet, this versatile instrument is equally suited for floor or table play. Its compact size and Fiberskyn® pre-tuned drum head make it a perfect match for smaller hands, ensuring an easy and enjoyable playing experience. Included mallets invite exploration of various sounds and rhythms, encouraging creativity and self-expression.

Crafted with care, this floor tom is enveloped in vibrant and colorful fabric, adding an element of excitement to each beat. Part of the Remo Kid's Percussion Collection, it upholds the brand's commitment to providing high-quality instruments tailored to young learners.

Whether in classroom drum circles or individual play, the TU-5080-16 Remo 10" Floor or Table Tom offers an opportunity for hands-on engagement with rhythm. Its extended legs not only elevate the sound but also elevate the learning experience, while the Acousticon shell, crafted from recycled hardwood fibers, ensures durability and stability.

Empower the next generation of percussionists with the authentic ethnic drum sound produced by the Fiberskyn 3 head. The future of music starts here, with the TU-5080-16 Remo 10" Floor or Table Tom—a bridge to musical exploration, learning, and lasting memories.

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