TC Electronic RH-450 450W Bass Amp Head

SKU: 20586

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SKU: 20586

Introducing the RH450 Bass Amp - Your Gateway to a New Era of Bass Excellence!

So, what makes the RH450 a game-changer?

1. SpectraComp: Imagine having an intelligent compressor that doesn't just focus on the lower strings but offers precise, 'per-string' compression across the board. That's SpectraComp, revolutionizing your sound and dynamics.

2. TubeTone: Get ready for the magic of TubeTone. It's not just a tube preamp simulation; it also faithfully emulates the power amp section of classic tube amplifiers. The result? A shockingly convincing, warm, and responsive tone that'll leave you in awe.

3. 3 Presets: We understand that every performance is unique. With three presets at your disposal, you can effortlessly switch between your preferred bass tones, ensuring your sound is always on point.

4. Built-in Bass Tuner: It's about time someone thought of this - the built-in chromatic tuner! No more fumbling around with external tuners or causing delays during gigs. The tuner is always on, so you can check your tuning state at any moment. And when it's time for a quick tune-up between songs, the RH450's tuner will have you back in action in seconds. Your audience will thank you for keeping the show moving smoothly!

But that's not all - our RH450 Bass Amp is equipped with a 4-band semi-parametric EQ, allowing you to sculpt your basic tone precisely as you desire. Whether you're in the studio or rocking the stage, this amplifier gives you the ultimate tone tools to unleash your full bass potential.

Why settle for mediocrity when you can embrace the future of bass with the RH450? Elevate your bass game to the next level, and experience the power, versatility, and convenience of Bass Amp 2.0. Don't wait any longer; make the RH450 your new partner in sonic excellence today.

This unit has been tested and is in full working condition. No previous signs of repair.

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