Danelectro RROE1 Roebuck Distortion

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The Danelectro RROE1 Roebuck Distortion pedal is a tribute to the classic 1990's Ibanez Mostortion™, which has become a favorite among top players in both Los Angeles and Nashville. The Roebuck Distortion aims to faithfully recreate the original tone and grit of the Ibanez Mostortion while also introducing two additional clipping options for even more tonal versatility.

The Ibanez Mostortion was known for its unique and powerful distortion sound, and the Danelectro Roebuck aims to capture that essence and deliver it to modern players. By retaining the original character and adding two extra clipping options, the pedal offers a broader range of tones and textures, making it even more appealing and versatile.

The Danelectro Roebuck Distortion promises to be a compelling option for guitarists seeking that classic '90s distortion sound with the added benefit of additional clipping options for further sonic exploration. Whether you're a fan of vintage tones or looking to experiment with different distortions, the Roebuck Distortion offers a great combination of nostalgia and modern versatility.

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