Danelectro RTF1 3699 Fuzz

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The Danelectro 3699 fUZZ is a reimagined version of the classic FOXX Tone Machine pedal, originally created by Danelectro owner Steve Ridinger in the 1970s. The FOXX Tone Machine was known for its unique fuzz and octave sounds, and vintage originals have become highly sought after, often selling for high prices in the current market.

With the 3699 fUZZ, Steve Ridinger brings back the original circuit with some important tweaks and improvements. The most notable change is a more pronounced octave effect, and the addition of a foot switch to control the octave, allowing players to engage or disengage it as desired. The tone has also been enhanced, giving it a warmer and more appealing sound.

Another significant feature is the "mids boost" toggle. The original FOXX Tone Machine had a mid-cut that some players found to be too pronounced. The "mids boost" toggle in the 3699 fUZZ counteracts this mid-cut, providing players with more control over their tone and allowing them to shape their sound to their preferences.

Overall, the Danelectro 3699 fUZZ promises to deliver a velvet-like tone, combining the classic fuzz and octave sounds of the original FOXX Tone Machine with modern enhancements and added control options. Guitarists looking for a unique and vintage-inspired fuzz pedal with some modern updates should definitely consider giving the 3699 fUZZ a try.

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