Ryoji Matsuoka No.12 Vintage Classical 1970

SKU: 21335

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SKU: 21335

Made in Japan in 1970. Beautiful vintage Matsuoka classical guitar. Ryoji Matsuoka was a famous Japanese luthier who was renowned for crafting high quality guitars. The No.12 has an aged cedar top which gives it a warm full tone. Won't find too many of these around.

This guitar is overall in great condition for its age. It has some minor scratching here and there, a dent on the back of the headstock, and a few light dents near the edges of the body. The biggest cosmetic issue is the scratching and chipping below the sound hole that has penetrated below the lacquer. The frets have some wear on them but have plenty of life left in them the action at the 12th fret is currently 3.5mm, there is plenty of room for the saddle to come down however. There are no signs of any repair work. The guitar comes with an old style hardcase. 

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