Savarez Corum Crystal Classical Guitar Strings

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500CR New Crystal, Normal Tension Nylon Guitar Strings For Classical Guitar

The Cristal Corum Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings by Savarez are professional, premium quality nylon strings perfect for those who seek the flexibility, speed and rich precision in the tone.
The optimised, high crystalline trebles sport a surface treatment, creating a perfectly true intonation.
Accompanying are the Corum silver-plated wound basses that minimize vibration while still maintaining flexibility, volume and richness.
String Gauges:
E/1st: Gauge 0.0287 in, Tension 15.89 lbs., Material New Cristal Nylon
B/2nd: Gauge 0.0327 in, Tension 12.14 lbs., Material New Cristal Nylon
G/3rd: Gauge 0.0406 in, Tension 12.36 lbs., Material New Cristal Nylon
D/4th: Gauge 0.0287 in, Tension 16.90 lbs., Material Silverplated Copper Wound
A/5th: Gauge 0.0350 in, Tension 15.75 lbs., Material Silverplated Copper Wound
E/6th 0.0421 in, Tension 14.32 lbs., Material Silverplated Copper Wound

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