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The Black Country Customs Secret Path is a boutique reverb pedal handcrafted in the UK, known for its high-quality reverb effects and versatile control options. The pedal offers three discrete reverb engines, each designed to provide a distinct reverb type:

SPR (Spring Reverb): This engine emulates the classic spring reverb sound, adding a vintage and lively ambiance to your guitar tone.

PLT (Plate Reverb): Modeled on classic studio plate reverbs, this engine delivers a smooth and lush reverb effect, often found in professional recording studios.

TSP (Secret Path): The Secret Path is a unique reverb engine modeled after the reverberation of a large hall with an ethereal shimmer. This setting adds a dreamy and atmospheric quality to your sound.

The Secret Path features four controls that allow you to shape your reverb sound:

Pre-Delay: Adjusts the amount of time between your dry signal and the onset of the reverb effect. This parameter can be used to create space between your dry notes and the reverb trail, adding clarity and dimension to the sound.

Size Dial: Controls the size or length of the reverb decay, allowing you to achieve anything from short and subtle reverb to long, spacious reverberation.

Volume Control: Sets the overall output level of the reverb effect, allowing you to match the reverb volume with your dry signal or adjust the reverb level to your preference.

Tone Control: Adjusts the tonal characteristics of the reverb effect, allowing you to brighten or darken the reverb sound to suit your musical taste.

As with the Monolith pedal, the Secret Path also features a silent switching system that ensures there is no audible clicking or switching noise when you engage or disengage the pedal. This feature is especially useful for live performances and recording situations where noise-free operation is crucial.

The rugged metal casing of the Secret Path ensures its durability and reliability, making it suitable for regular use on stage and in the studio. Additionally, the pedal is designed to be energy-efficient, minimizing battery consumption and prolonging the pedal's operating time.

In summary, the Black Country Customs Secret Path is a boutique reverb pedal that offers three distinct reverb engines, precise control over reverb parameters, and a sturdy build. Whether you're looking for classic spring or plate reverb or want to explore the ethereal shimmer of the Secret Path engine, this pedal provides a wide range of high-quality reverb effects for your guitar or instrument.

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