Shadow Ukulele Under-saddle Passive Pickup

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Experience pristine amplified sound with the Shadow Undersaddle Pickup for Ukulele. Designed to bring out the best in your acoustic ukulele, this pickup system offers a complete solution for enhancing your instrument's natural tones.

The heart of the system is the discreet undersaddle pickup, measuring 50 mm x 2.3 mm x 1.8 mm. This component installs seamlessly under the saddle, remaining virtually invisible and preserving the ukulele's aesthetics. Its universal design fits standard slots, ensuring effortless integration. When properly installed, it guarantees a consistent and balanced volume across all strings, providing a harmonious representation of your instrument's unique voice.

The high-quality stereo-endpin connection further amplifies your playing experience. This screwable component features a 2.5 mm input jack for the pickup cable (measuring 200 mm) and a 6.3 mm output jack for standard instrument cables. This convenient setup allows you to connect to various audio devices effortlessly.

Included with the pickup is a comprehensive installation pamphlet in both English and German, guiding you through the setup process. One of the standout features of the Shadow Undersaddle Pickup is its battery-free operation. You can enjoy amplified performances without the hassle of constantly replacing batteries, making it an excellent choice for musicians on the go.

Enhance your ukulele's sonic potential with the Shadow Undersaddle Pickup. Whether you're playing on stage, recording in the studio, or jamming at home, this pickup system offers a reliable and crystal-clear amplification solution that lets your ukulele's true voice shine.

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