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The Laney Black Country Customs Spiral Array is a boutique chorus pedal handcrafted in the UK and housed in a durable metal casing. This versatile pedal offers three distinct modes of chorus effects, providing a range of modulation options to enhance your guitar's sound.

Key features of the Spiral Array Chorus pedal:

Triple Mode Chorus: The Spiral Array offers three different chorus modes, each with its own unique sonic characteristics:

Analogue Chorus: Emulates the warm and organic modulation of vintage analog chorus pedals, providing a classic and lush chorus effect.
Tri Stereo Chorus: Delivers a spacious and wide stereo chorus, creating a three-dimensional sound that enhances the stereo field of your guitar signal.
Digital Chorus: Offers a clean and pristine chorus effect with precise and defined modulation.
Consistent Volume Performance: One common challenge with chorus pedals is maintaining a consistent volume level when engaging the effect. The Spiral Array is designed to provide consistent guitar volume performance at all settings, ensuring a smooth transition between the bypassed and chorus-engaged sounds.

Four Controls: The pedal features four knobs that allow you to shape your chorus sound according to your preferences:

Depth: Adjusts the intensity or depth of the chorus modulation. Higher settings create a more pronounced and immersive chorus effect.
Rate: Controls the speed of the chorus modulation. Turning it up results in faster and more swirling modulation, while lower settings produce a slower and more subtle chorus.
Mix: Sets the blend between the dry (unaffected) signal and the wet (chorus-modulated) signal. You can dial in the perfect balance between your original guitar sound and the chorus effect.
Mode: Selects between the three available chorus modes: Analogue, Tri Stereo, and Digital.
Rugged Build: Like other Black Country Customs pedals, the Spiral Array is constructed with a durable metal casing, ensuring its reliability and durability for extended use in both live performances and studio sessions.

Low Battery Consumption: The pedal is designed to be energy-efficient, optimizing battery life for extended use.

In summary, the Black Country Customs Spiral Array is a versatile and well-crafted chorus pedal that offers three distinct chorus modes, each with its own tonal characteristics. Whether you prefer the warm analog vibe, the expansive stereo effect, or the clean precision of digital chorus, the Spiral Array provides a wide range of chorus options to suit different musical styles and preferences. Its consistent volume performance and sturdy build make it a reliable and performance-ready addition to your pedalboard setup.

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