Suzuki TES-100 Waraku Koto Synth

SKU: 20521

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SKU: 20521

Suzuki TES-100 Waraku Koto Synth. A really interesting and not to mention rare instrument. Made by Suzuki in 80's Japan, this was made to produce a variety of traditional Japanese instruments such as different kinds of Koto, Samisen, Taiko & Daiko drums. 

You can choose from and eclectic mix of Japanese sounds on the left hand side. Drum pads on the right hand side. The plucking strings trigger the sounds or you can put it into keyboard mode and play the keys with two hands. These things sound absolutely amazing through a nice amp or with some guitar pedal fx. You can pull some truly unique sounds out of this thing.

Really hard to find even in Japan, the Koto Synth is an absolute oddity you won't come across too often. This item is in great condition and comes with a hard case. Does not come with power supply although it takes your common 9V power supply.

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