Tokai TCO-2 Compressor

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The TCO-2 Compressor controls a higher volume input signal and a lower volume input signal for a clear sustain effect. This unit is one of the basic effect units to use as a limiter for controlling signal dynamics or to produce a long tone.

  • The Sustain knob controls the sustain length. Turning it to the right increases the sustain effect.
  • The Level knob regulates the output level of the effect sound. It determines the balance between the effect sound and normal sound.
  • The Attack knob regulates the strength and weakness of the attack sound when picking. Turning it to the right strengthens the attack sound.

  • This Pedal is in superb condition and does not look to have seen much use, if any. The pedal has been tested and works as intended. It comes with it's original box but does not include a power supply.

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