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The Black Country Customs "The Difference Engine" is a powerful stereo delay pedal designed for guitarists who seek a wide range of classic and unique delay sounds. It features three distinct delay modes: analogue, digital, and dynamic, each offering its own sonic character and possibilities.

Key features of "The Difference Engine" Delay Pedal:

Three Classic Delay Modes: The pedal emulates three classic delay types:

Analogue Delay: Provides warm, organic, and tape-like delay tones with a vintage character.
Digital Delay: Offers clean, precise, and pristine delay sounds, perfect for modern and crystal-clear repetitions.
Dynamic Delay: Introduces dynamic delay patterns that respond to your playing dynamics, creating expressive and interactive delay effects.
50 Artist Patches: The Difference Engine comes loaded with 50 artist patches, curated and designed by renowned artists such as Tony Iommi, Lari Basilio, Tom Quale, Martin Miller, and Pete "Danish Pete" Honore from Andertons. These presets are crafted to showcase the pedal's versatility and inspire creativity.

Ultra-Sharp OLED Screen: The pedal features a 2.42" OLED screen that provides a clear and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate through various settings and parameters.

Edit Control: The multi-function rotary encoder Edit control allows for in-depth tweaking and customization of the delay settings, opening up a world of possibilities to craft your unique delay sounds.

Onboard Tools: The Difference Engine is equipped with essential tools to enhance your playing experience:

Tap Tempo: Allows you to set the delay time precisely in sync with your music.
Noise Gate: Helps eliminate unwanted noise from your signal, ensuring a clean and noise-free delay effect.
Compressor: Offers dynamic control to even out your guitar's volume, enhancing sustain and consistency.
Versatile Connectivity: The pedal provides various input and output options, including left/mono and right inputs and outputs, as well as an expression pedal input for additional control. It also features MIDI input and output for integration with MIDI devices and systems.

Power Supply: The pedal requires a 9V DC mains adapter with a barrel connector (5.5 x 2.1 mm, negative polarity inside) for operation. The power consumption is rated at 90mA.

Compact and Durable Design: Enclosed in a rugged metal casing, The Difference Engine is designed to withstand rigorous use on stage and in the studio. Its compact dimensions (150 x 121 x 59 mm) and lightweight build (600g) make it easy to incorporate into any pedalboard setup.

Made in the UK: The pedal is handcrafted in the UK by Black Country Customs, ensuring high-quality construction and attention to detail.

In summary, The Difference Engine by Black Country Customs is a feature-rich stereo delay pedal that combines classic delay modes with modern features and user-friendly controls. Whether you're after vintage analogue warmth, pristine digital delays, or dynamic and interactive echoes, this pedal offers a wealth of options to suit your playing style and preferences. With its artist-curated presets and immersive OLED screen interface, The Difference Engine is a versatile and inspiring tool for guitarists seeking a world of delay possibilities.

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