Teisco 74-R Tube Combo Amp 60's

SKU: 61053

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SKU: 61053

An absolutely stunning Japanese made 1960's Vintage Teisco 74R 4x6 Tube Combo Amp. This thing is as rare as it gets. Excellent condition and makes any guitar sound like a dream. The original 6" Teisco speakers give it a clarity that is crystal clear but not at all harsh on the ears. Having 4 speakers gives it a large low end without being muddy.

Creamy and warm tube tone that any guitar player will appreciate. Speakers break up very tastefully when the volume is cranked at full. Equipped with EL84 power tubes and AX12 + AU12 preamp tubes.

The Tremolo and Reverb sound excellent and only add to it's overall smooth tone.

It is covered in a red tolex that sets it apart from any other amp you'll see around today. Truly a beautiful piece of gear.

This thing shines on it's own but is also perfect to put a pedal board in front of.
Definitely loud enough to gig and certainly can handle a studio setting.

This amp is in excellent condition and has been recently tested.

Comes with dust cover and footswitch.

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