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The Black Country Customs by Laney TI-BOOST is a signature boost pedal designed in collaboration with legendary guitarist Tony Iommi. The pedal is a tribute to Tony's iconic modified Rangemaster setup, which has been a crucial part of his signature guitar tone for decades. With the TI-BOOST, players can now access that legendary sound and also enjoy some added features for more versatility.

The pedal boasts a simple yet effective control layout, consisting of Drive and Volume knobs. Additionally, the TI-BOOST allows users to fine-tune their sound by adjusting the Low and Hi frequencies, providing further control over the tonal shaping. A unique feature is the mid-switch, which offers different mid-frequency options, allowing players to customize their mid-range character.

The TI-BOOST retains the signature elements of Tony Iommi's tone, such as a significant bass cut and a mid boost, which have contributed to his iconic sound. However, Laney has added a bit more gain and EQ options, making the pedal suitable for a broader range of players looking to explore their own unique sounds.

By using the TI-BOOST, guitarists can tap into the timeless and internationally recognized tone that has made Tony Iommi a legend. Whether you're a fan of his work or just looking for a high-quality boost pedal with versatile tonal capabilities, the TI-BOOST by Black Country Customs is a powerful option that delivers the iconic sound known by millions worldwide.

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