Remo TU-2510-41 10 Inch Green and Clean Tubano Drum

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Introducing the REMO Green and Clean™ 10" Festival Tubano®, a rhythmical marvel designed for both musical expression and hygiene considerations.

Crafted with a lightweight Acousticon® drum shell made from 100% recycled wood fibre, this Tubano® embodies REMO's commitment to sustainability and quality. The drum head is a Skyndeep® Fiberskyn® with a non-porous edging, making it suitable for medical environments where disinfection protocols are crucial.

Standing at 24½" high, this Tubano® ensures a comfortable and ergonomic playing experience for drummers of all ages. The non-skid moulded base protector enhances stability, allowing you to focus on your rhythmic creativity without distraction.

The Green and Black finish adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the Tubano®, making it a standout choice for any musical setting. With its exceptional design and functionality, the REMO Green and Clean™ 10" Festival Tubano® invites you to explore the world of rhythm while keeping health and cleanliness in mind.

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