Remo TU-FEMD-16 8 Inch Festival Tubano Drum

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Elevate your rhythmic journey with the REMO Festival Line Tubano® Drum, an instrument designed to introduce the delights of drumming to newcomers and occasional players.

Crafted to infuse the joy of drumming into your musical experience, the Festival Line Tubano® Drum boasts an 8" diameter lightweight Acousticon® shell standing at a height of 17". This size strikes the perfect balance between portability and sound versatility, allowing you to explore various tones with ease.

The drum arrives with pre-tuned Fiberskyn® drum heads, ensuring that each beat resonates with a rich and vibrant sound. Whether you're a novice or an occasional drummer, these drum heads provide an inviting platform to explore your musical creativity.

With the added convenience of a shoulder strap, you can comfortably engage in your drumming sessions while seated or standing. The thoughtfully designed drum shell not only produces exceptional sound but also nests neatly within the next size up in the Festival Line series, making storage and transport a seamless process.

Adorned with a captivating Fabric Island finish, the REMO Festival Line Tubano® Drum invites you to immerse yourself in the world of rhythm and music. Whether you're drumming for the first time or indulging in occasional beats, this drum offers an accessible gateway to the world of percussion enjoyment.

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