V-Case ABS Fullsize Violin Case

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The V-Case Full Size Violin Hardcase is a premium accessory designed to provide optimal protection and convenience for your valuable violin. Crafted with precision and care, this hardcase ensures the safety of your instrument while offering practical features for musicians on the go.

Constructed from durable ABS material, the hardcase boasts exceptional sturdiness to shield your violin from potential impacts and environmental elements. The molded shape is custom-fit for a full-size violin, providing a snug and secure fit that prevents shifting during transport.

Inside, the case is thoughtfully lined with plush black material. This soft lining offers a gentle cushioning effect, safeguarding your violin from scratches and minor bumps. The inclusion of two bow holders ensures that your bows stay in place and remain well-protected.

The V-Case Full Size Violin Hardcase is not only rugged but also stylishly designed. The black exterior exudes a professional appearance, while the aluminum binding adds an extra layer of durability and aesthetic appeal. The heavy-duty chrome latches ensure a secure closure, providing peace of mind as you travel with your violin.

For added convenience, the hardcase comes complete with a shoulder strap. This strap allows you to comfortably carry your violin on your shoulder, leaving your hands free for other essentials. Whether you're a student heading to lessons or a performer en route to a concert, this feature enhances portability and ease of use.

In summary, the V-Case Full Size Violin Hardcase combines robust protection with practicality. Its ABS molded construction, plush lining, and secure closures ensure your violin's safety, while the inclusion of bow holders and a shoulder strap add convenience. This hardcase is a reliable companion for violinists seeking a reliable and stylish solution for instrument transportation and storage.

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