Valencia 200 Series 1/4 Size Classical Guitar in Natural Satin

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The Valencia VC201 is a superb 1/4 size classical guitar, specially designed for young aspiring musicians and beginners seeking a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience. With its high-quality construction and thoughtful design, this guitar provides the perfect introduction to the world of music.

The guitar's 1/4 size makes it ideal for young children or players with smaller hands, ensuring they can comfortably hold and play the instrument with ease.

Its top is crafted from Sitka spruce, a tonewood renowned for its excellent resonance and bright tonal characteristics. This contributes to a pleasant and vibrant sound that will inspire young players as they explore their musical abilities.

The back and sides are made from durable Nato wood, which not only adds to the guitar's overall strength but also complements the tonal qualities of the Sitka spruce top.

To enhance its visual appeal, the guitar features black ABS binding on the top and neck, adding a touch of elegance and protecting the instrument's edges.

The Jabon neck, in combination with the ebonized mahogany fingerboard and bridge, ensures smooth playability and a comfortable grip. This facilitates proper finger positioning for young learners as they begin their musical journey.

Traditional nickel machine heads with cream buttons not only provide precise tuning but also lend a classic touch to the guitar's appearance.

To assist young players in their learning process, the Valencia VC201 comes with the UPlay Guitar Guide, a valuable resource for beginners, and FREE online lessons. This comprehensive learning package helps young musicians develop their skills and passion for music.

Overall, the Valencia VC201 1/4 Size Nylon String Classical Guitar is an outstanding choice for young learners and beginners seeking a high-quality and appropriately-sized instrument. With its Sitka spruce top, Nato back and sides, and thoughtful design, this guitar promises an enjoyable and inspiring musical journey for the next generation of musicians.

1/4 size classical guitar
Sitka spruce top
Nato back and sides
Black ABS top and neck binding
Jabon neck with ebonized mahogany fingerboard and bridge
Ebonized Mahogany bridge
Traditional nickel machine heads with cream buttons
Supplied with Valencia UPlay Guitar Guide and FREE online lessons
Scale: 1/4 = 480mm (18 7/8”)
Nut Width: 1/4 = 42mm (1 5/8”)

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