Valencia 560 Series Full Size Spruce Top Classical Electric Guitar in Natural Gloss

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Introducing the Valencia VC564CE 4/4 Size Nylon String Electric Classical Guitar, a versatile and exquisite instrument designed to provide exceptional tonal quality and electrifying capabilities.

This guitar boasts a 4/4 size with an electric acoustic design and a Venetian cutaway, making it an excellent choice for classical guitarists seeking both acoustic and amplified performances.

The Sitka spruce top of the Valencia VC564CE contributes to its vibrant and resonant sound, ensuring a rich tonal palette with clear articulation.

For the back and sides, the guitar features walnut, which enhances the instrument's warmth and adds a touch of depth to its overall sound.

The aesthetic appeal of this guitar is elevated by ABS 5 ply black/white top binding, as well as 3 ply black/white side and back binding. The 5 ply black/white centre back strip adds an elegant finishing touch to the instrument's appearance.

The neck of the guitar is crafted from mahogany, offering durability and stability to support precise playing. The fingerboard features an ABS black bound Amara ebony with nickel frets, providing a smooth and comfortable playing surface.

Adding to its visual allure, the Valencia VC564CE showcases an Amara ebony veneer headstock and heel end.

The Amara ebony bridge, along with the Graph Tech Canada NuBone XB compensated saddle and black nut, ensures excellent intonation and superb string vibrations, further enhancing the guitar's overall playability.

Complementing the guitar's luxurious appearance, the gold-plated machine heads with black buttons offer smooth and precise tuning, allowing for seamless transitions between musical pieces.

Equipped with USA strings, this guitar delivers a balanced and expressive sound, perfect for capturing the nuances of classical music both acoustically and through amplification.

To expand its versatility, the Valencia VC564CE features a 3-band EQ preamp with an LCD chromatic tuner. The rotary volume, bass, mid, treble, and notch controls, along with tuner and phase switches, allow for personalized adjustments to achieve the perfect sound for any performance setting.

The low battery LED indicator ensures that you're always aware of the battery status, keeping your performance uninterrupted.

Included with the Valencia VC564CE is the Valencia UPlay Guitar Guide, offering valuable insights and tips to players of all levels. Additionally, you'll gain access to FREE online lessons, enriching your musical journey and refining your playing skills.

In conclusion, the Valencia VC564CE 4/4 Size Nylon String Electric Classical Guitar is a masterpiece, combining exceptional craftsmanship, beautiful tonal characteristics, and versatile electrification options. Whether you're performing acoustically or amplified, this guitar is ready to inspire and elevate your musical artistry.

4/4 size electric acoustic classical guitar
Venetian cutaway
Sitka spruce top
Walnut back and sides
ABS 5 ply black / white top binding
3 ply black / white side and back binding
5 ply black / white centre back strip
Mahogany neck
ABS black bound Amara ebony fingerboard with nickel frets
Amara ebony veneer headstock and heel end
Amara ebony bridge
Black Graph Tech Canada, NuBone XB compensated saddle
Black nut
Gold plated machine heads with black buttons
USA strings
Valencia 3 band EQ preamp with LCD chromatic tuner
Rotary volume, bass, mid, treble and notch controls
Tuner and phase switches
Low battery LED
9 volt battery
Piezo under saddle pickup
Supplied with Valencia UPlay Guitar Guide with FREE online lessons

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