Valencia 100 Series Full Size Classical Electric Guitar in Natural Gloss

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The Valencia VC104CE 4/4 Size Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar showcases a harmonious blend of classical charm and contemporary functionality, delivering exceptional sound and playability in both acoustic and electric settings.

Its electric/acoustic design, featuring a Venetian cutaway, enables effortless access to higher frets, unlocking a world of expressive possibilities for classical players seeking to expand their musical horizons.

Crafted with a linden top, back, and sides, this guitar resonates with warmth and balanced tones, making it a versatile instrument well-suited for various musical genres.

The ABS black binding on the body and fingerboard adds a touch of elegance while providing protection to the guitar, ensuring its enduring beauty.

The nato neck, paired with the ebonized maple fingerboard and bridge, facilitates a smooth playing experience, contributing to the guitar's exceptional playability.

With nickel machine heads and white buttons, tuning becomes precise and reliable, supporting seamless performances.

Equipped with a powerful 4-band EQ preamp and an LCD chromatic tuner, the Valencia VC104CE empowers you to refine your sound with rotary volume, bass, mid, treble, and presence controls, while power, note, pitch, and phase switches add further versatility.

The low battery LED indicator ensures that you are always aware of the battery status, granting you uninterrupted performances. Running on a 9-volt battery, this guitar is ready for any musical journey.

For capturing the guitar's natural resonance, a piezo under-saddle pickup is integrated, ensuring a clear and accurate representation of your playing style.

Included with the guitar is the Valencia UPlay Guitar Guide, a valuable resource offering guidance and tips for players of all levels. Moreover, access to free online lessons enhances your musical development and proficiency.

In essence, the Valencia VC104CE combines timeless allure with modern advancements, resulting in a remarkable instrument that embraces the best of both worlds. Its captivating design, smooth playability, and impressive electronics make it an ideal companion for practice, recording, and live performances, enriching your musical journey and empowering you to create unforgettable music.

4/4 Size Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar
Clectric/acoustic classical guitar
Venetian cutaway.
Linden top, back and sides.
ABS black bound body and fingerboard.
Nato neck with ebonized maple fingerboard and bridge.
Veneered headstock.
Nickel machine heads with white buttons.
Valencia 4 band EQ preamp with LCD chromatic tuner.
Rotary volume, bass, mid, treble and presence controls.
Power, note, pitch and phase switches.
9 volt battery & Low battery LED.
Piezo under-saddle pickup.
Supplied with Valencia UPlay Guitar Guide and free online lessons.

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