Valencia VC103 Standard 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack

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Includes Nylon String Guitar, Padded Bag & Clip-On Headstock Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Introducing the Valencia 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack, a comprehensive bundle tailored to meet the needs of aspiring musicians. This pack features the Valencia 3/4 Size Classical Acoustic Guitar, a padded bag for secure transportation, and a clip-on headstock chromatic guitar tuner.

The 3/4 Size Classical Acoustic Guitar showcases a Basswood top, back, and sides, delivering a warm and resonant tone. With its real bound body and veneered headstock, this guitar exudes sophistication. The steel-reinforced Nato neck ensures stability and durability, while the decal soundhole decoration and nickel machine heads enhance its visual appeal. Offering exceptional quality and a fantastic playing experience, it is a perfect choice for beginners and professionals alike.

In addition to the guitar, the pack includes a high-quality padded bag for convenient storage and transportation. Crafted from heavy-duty nylon waterproof yarn, the bag provides superior protection. It features 5mm sponge padding and reinforced sections at the headstock and bridge, ensuring the guitar remains safe and secure. The full-length zip, accessory pocket, and cross-stitched carry handle add convenience, while the two detachable shoulder straps with pads and heavy-duty black metal clips offer versatile carrying options. The bag is further enhanced with additional ribbed vinyl protection on the lower front and proudly displays an embroidered Xtreme logo.

Moreover, the pack incorporates a clip-on headstock chromatic guitar tuner, designed for precise and accurate tuning. The tuner boasts a 3-color backlit LCD display, featuring yellow for flat, green for in tune, and red for sharp indications. Equipped with a built-in piezo sensor, it ensures reliable and precise tuning every time. The tuner comes with an included battery for immediate use.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the Valencia 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack provides exceptional value, superior quality, and essential accessories to support your musical journey. Embrace the joy of playing with this finely crafted guitar, enjoy secure transportation with the padded bag, and maintain accurate tuning with the included tuner. Unleash your musical potential with the comprehensive Valencia 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack.

Guitar Features:
Ideal for beginners & pro
Maintenance Guide w/free online lessons
Nubone bridge saddle
Nylon strings
Total Length: 90cm

Bag Features:
The quality padded bag is made from heavy duty nylon waterproof yarn.
5mm sponge padded and lined
Reinforced at headstock and bridge
Full-length zip
Accessory pocket
Cross stitched carry handle
2 detachable shoulder straps with pads and heavy-duty Nat metal clips
Additional ribbed vinyl protection on lower front
Embraided Xtreme logo.

Tuner Features:
Digital auto-on, clip-on chromatic tuner
3 colour backlit LCD display - yellow, flat; green, in tune; Nat, sharp
Built-in piezo sensor for accurate tuning
Battery Included

Here is a video of the equivalent full size model in blue:

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