Valencia 100 Series Full Size Slimline Hybrid Classical Electric Guitar in Natural Gloss

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Introducing the Valencia VC104HTCE Slimline Classical Acoustic/Electric Hybrid Neck - Unleash Your Musical Potential!

Experience the perfect fusion of classic elegance and modern versatility with the Valencia VC104HTCE Slimline Classical Acoustic/Electric Hybrid Neck guitar from the esteemed 100 series. This instrument is crafted to redefine your playing experience and ignite your musical creativity.

Featuring a unique 4/4 size 'hybrid' neck, the VC104HTCE offers a comfortable and familiar feel, bridging the gap between classical and electric guitars. The slimline body design combines the best of both worlds, providing a lightweight instrument with enhanced playability and exceptional tone.

Designed for effortless playability, the 45mm neck width offers comfortable hand positioning and easy fretting, allowing you to explore the fretboard with confidence and precision.

Equipped with a Venetian cutaway, this guitar provides easy access to the higher frets, unlocking new possibilities for melodic expression and solo performances. The 8cm body depth strikes a perfect balance between tonal resonance and player comfort, ensuring a captivating sound projection with optimal ergonomic design.

The VC104HTCE boasts a linden top, back, and sides, producing a warm and balanced tone. The ABS black bound body and fingerboard add a touch of elegance and durability to the instrument, while the nato neck with a truss rod and ebonized maple fingerboard and bridge offer stability and a smooth playing experience.

The veneered headstock showcases the meticulous attention to detail that Valencia is renowned for. Custom nickel machine heads with white buttons provide reliable tuning accuracy, ensuring your guitar stays in tune throughout your musical endeavors.

Enhancing the versatility of this instrument, the Valencia 4 band EQ preamp with an LCD chromatic tuner allows you to amplify and shape your sound to perfection. The rotary volume, bass, mid, treble, and presence controls give you complete control over your tone, while the power, note, pitch, and phase switches offer further customization options. The low battery LED ensures you never miss a beat, and the included 9-volt battery provides long-lasting performance.

The piezo under-saddle pickup delivers a natural and balanced sound reproduction, capturing the nuances of your playing with stunning clarity and authenticity.

As a testament to Valencia's commitment to education and support, the VC104HTCE comes with the Valencia UPlay guitar guide and free online lessons, providing valuable resources to enhance your learning and progression.

Finished in a captivating natural gloss, the VC104HTCE is a visually stunning instrument that reflects the craftsmanship and quality associated with the Valencia brand.

Unlock your musical potential with the Valencia VC104HTCE Slimline Classical Acoustic/Electric Hybrid Neck. Experience a world of versatility, comfort, and captivating sound. Order yours today and embark on a musical journey like never before.

4/4 Size Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar
Electric/acoustic classical guitar
Thin Body Thin Neck Model
8cm thickness body
45mm neck width at nut
Double central reinforcing Amara ebony strips
Venetian cutaway.
Linden top, back and sides.
ABS black bound body and fingerboard.
Nato neck with ebonized maple fingerboard and bridge.
Veneered headstock.
Nickel machine heads with white buttons.
Valencia 4 band EQ preamp with LCD chromatic tuner.
Rotary volume, bass, mid, treble and presence controls.
Power, note, pitch and phase switches.
9 volt battery & Low battery LED.
Piezo under-saddle pickup.
Supplied with Valencia UPlay Guitar Guide and free online lessons.

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