Valencia 260 Series 3/4 Size Spruce Top Hybrid Classical Guitar in Natural Gloss

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The Valencia VC263H is a 3/4 size hybrid nylon string classical guitar, thoughtfully designed to cater to beginner players with smaller hands. Its 42mm neck width at the nut ensures comfortable and easy playability, allowing learners to focus on their music without strain.

Crafted with a Sitka spruce top and Nato back and sides, this guitar offers a pleasing tonal balance, producing warm and clear notes. The instrument features black ABS top and neck binding, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance while protecting the edges from wear and tear.

The neck of the VC263H is made from Jabon wood and is equipped with an ebonized mahogany fingerboard, which ensures smooth fretting and a pleasant playing experience. To enhance the neck's stability and strength, two central reinforcing teak strips are installed along its entire length.

The guitar is fitted with nickel frets, which further contribute to its playability and overall tonal quality. The ebonized mahogany bridge ensures excellent transfer of vibrations from the strings to the soundboard, enriching the guitar's projection and resonance.

For precise intonation and improved sustain, the VC263H features a black Graph Tech Canada NuBone XB compensated saddle. The gold machine heads with black buttons not only provide reliable tuning but also add a classic touch to the instrument's aesthetics.

Included with the Valencia VC263H is the UPlay Guitar Guide and free online lessons, making it an excellent choice for aspiring guitarists looking to embark on their musical journey. The guitar is packaged in a full-color display box, showcasing its beauty and features.

With its antique natural gloss finish, the Valencia VC263H 3/4 Size Hybrid Nylon String Classical Guitar not only offers outstanding playability but also delivers a delightful and inspiring sound for young players and learners alike.

Features a 42mm neck width (at the nut), especially designed to accommodate the smaller hands of some beginner players.
Sitka spruce top.
Nato back and sides.
Black ABS top and neck binding.
Jabon neck with ebonized mahogany fingerboard.
For superior stability and strength, the neck features two central reinforcing teak strips installed along the entire neck length.
Nickel frets.
Ebonized mahogany bridge.
Black Graph Tech Canada, NuBone XB compensated saddle.
Gold machine heads with black buttons.
Supplied with Valencia UPlay Guitar Guide and free online lessons.
Full colour display box.
Antique natural gloss.

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