Vic Firth 17 Inch Yarn Wound Head Marimba Mallets

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Vic Firth Signature Medium Marimba Mallets
1x Pair Of 17 Inch Yarn Wound Head Mallets

The Robert van Sice Signature Keyboard mallets from Vic Firth feature a heavy synthetic core that produces a very robust and complete sound.
These yarn wound marimba mallets have been crafted with an exclusive hand-wrapping technique that virtually eliminates the sound of bar contact.
A special interlocking stitch pattern maintains the integrity of the head.
The maple handles are 17″ long and provide an excellent feel and control.
With a full depth of sound and excellent versatility of colour, these mallets are the perfect choice for music from Japanese repertoire and pieces demanding multiple layers of timbre.
The medium mallets are the most popular in the series.
They feature an extraordinary range of colour, which is easily manipulated by the performer.

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