Waltons 15 Inch Plain Irish Bodhran Pack

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Waltons 15 Inch Irish Bodhran Pack
Goat Skin, Beater, DVD & Gig Bag

Uncover the enchanting world of traditional Irish music with the Waltons DWP19415 Bodhrán. This 15" Bodhrán features a classic plain head that beckons you to explore the rhythmic melodies of Irish culture.

As a tribute to the rich musical heritage of Ireland, the DWP19415 Bodhrán comes complete with an instructional DVD, offering guidance and insights into the art of bodhrán playing. Whether you're new to this musical journey or seeking to enhance your skills, the DVD provides a pathway to mastering the intricate rhythms and patterns that define Irish music.

Additionally, the DWP19415 Bodhrán is accompanied by a protective carry bag, ensuring your instrument remains safeguarded as you embark on musical adventures. With its elegant simplicity and the tools for learning and protection, this bodhrán becomes a gateway to the captivating world of Irish melodies.

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