Waltons 18 Inch Cloghan Cross Bodhran

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Waltons 18 Inch Cloghan Cross Traditional Irish Bodhran Pack 
Beater Protective Bag Tutorial DVD

Presenting the impressive Waltons DWP2512 Bodhrán – a remarkable 18-inch bodhrán that resonates with the soul of Irish music.

Enriched with the captivating Cloghan Cross print on the head, this bodhrán isn't just an instrument; it's a profound connection to Ireland's vibrant cultural heritage.

This bodhrán comes complete with an instructional DVD, ensuring that both newcomers and seasoned players can unlock the magic of traditional rhythms with ease.

For ultimate protection and portability, a protective carry bag is included. This bag not only shields your instrument but also makes it effortless to carry your music wherever your heart desires.

With the DWP2512 Bodhrán, you're not merely playing a drum – you're becoming part of a musical legacy that traverses generations. Let the rhythms guided by the Cloghan Cross print resonate through your hands and infuse each beat with the essence of Ireland.

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