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Absolute Beginners Irish Tin Whistle - Key of 'D' Tin Whistle, Book and DVD

Absolute Beginners Irish Tin Whistle
Key of 'D' Tin Whistle, Book and DVD

Learning the Tin Whistle has never been easier with this unique teaching method developed by Harry Long.

A music teacher for over 20 years and a renowned player in traditional Irish music circles, Harry Long teaches you the fundamentals of playing the Tin Whistle.

12 easy-to-follow lessons include:

  • A step-by-step guide to the notes and fingering on the whistle
  • Animated notation and fingering positions to correspond with the music as it is played
  • A selection of popular Irish tunes for the beginner's repertoire, including airs, marches and all the main types of dance tunes
  • The basics of traditional ornamentation, including cuts and tonguing.

The unique DVD will introduce you to the beauty of the Irish Tin Whistle and provide a solid foundation in the art of playing traditional music.

The pack contains:

  • Irish Tin Whistle (key of 'D')
  • Instruction book (12 great tunes)
  • Demonstration DVD

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