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Key of 'D' Tin Whistle, Book and CD

Key of 'D' Tin Whistle, Book and CD

The Tin Whistle is a part of the Irish heritage.
The haunting slow airs and lively jigs or reels played on the Irish Tin Whistle have brought endless hours of pleasure and contemplation to countless musicians and listeners alike.
The Irish Tin Whistle is a musician's whistle.
Made from brass, it comes in the key of 'D' and is specially designed to effortlessly create a sweet melodic tone which is favoured by Irish Tin Whistle players worldwide.
In the book: You do not have to be able to read music to enjoy the Irish Whistle.
There are clear instructions on how to play the whistle.
Each tune is fully diagrammed to allow the complete beginner to play immediately.
There is a fine selection of Irish and International tunes to learn.
On the CD: Containing all the tunes in the book, this CD is a great additional aid to learning. Listen to how tunes sound on the CD and then use the diagrams to play.
The pack contains:
Irish Tin Whistle (key of 'D')
Instruction book (26 tunes)
Demonstration CD

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