Way Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Overdrive MkIV

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The Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive MkIV is a powerful and versatile overdrive pedal that delivers a forceful and dynamic tone. Despite being smaller and more compact than its predecessors, it packs a mighty punch with its enhanced features.

The pedal retains the Volume, Tone, and Drive controls of the original Green Rhino Overdrive, allowing you to shape your overdrive sound with ease. In addition to these controls, it also includes the MkII's 100Hz control, which lets you cut or boost your lows, and an all-new 500Hz control that allows you to adjust your mids by 12dB each way. With these extra controls, you can make your notes shake the ground like a stampede or cut through the mix with a powerful and bold presence.

For those who prefer the simplicity and sound of the original Green Rhino Overdrive, the MkIV features a Classic switch. Engaging this switch reverts the pedal back to the simple Volume, Tone, and Drive setup, providing the classic Green Rhino sound with a straightforward interface.

The Green Rhino Overdrive MkIV is incredibly versatile and can take your clean amp from pristine purity to a punchy, dynamic rhythm tone. When placed in front of a distorted channel, it adds even more gain and sustain, unlocking the full potential of your amplifier's capabilities.

Whether you want a powerful and dynamic rhythm tone or a cutting lead sound, the Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive MkIV delivers a wide range of tonal possibilities in a compact and pedalboard-friendly form. It's perfect for players who crave a versatile overdrive pedal with plenty of character and sonic options to explore.

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