Way Huge WHE401S Swollen Pickle Fuzz MkIIS

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The Way Huge Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz MkIIS is a compact version of the well-known and powerful Swollen Pickle MkII fuzz pedal. Despite its smaller size, this Jumbo Fuzz delivers the same intense and burly high-gain fuzz tones as its full-sized counterpart.

The pedal offers a range of versatile controls that allow you to sculpt your fuzz sound to your liking. The Sustain control takes you from mild crunch to all-out fuzz Armageddon, offering a wide spectrum of gain levels. The Filter control is responsible for the unique and heavily bandpass-filtered tones that the Swollen Pickle is famous for, adding remarkable girth and sizzle to your sound. The Loudness control provides ample volume to push your amp to its limits.

The Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz MkIIS also features the Scoop tone stack control, which allows you to shape your mid-frequency response. You can dial in a classic Swollen Pickle mid-scoop sound or flatten the mid-frequency response for a different tonal character. Additionally, the Crunch knob lets you adjust the compression intensity of the fuzz, giving you even more control over the texture and sustain of your fuzz tones.

Under the hood, the MkIIS has two internal mini controls. The Voice control sets the intensity of the external scoop control, allowing you to fine-tune the mid-frequency cut from light to heavy. The Clip control offers two sets of clipping diodes, providing you with options for smoother or more opened fuzz sustain.

Despite its compact size, the Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz MkIIS packs a punch and delivers the same potent fuzz tones as its larger counterpart. Whether you're looking for mild crunch or full-on fuzz madness, this pedal provides a wide range of fuzz textures and is perfect for players who want a versatile and high-gain fuzz in a more pedalboard-friendly form.

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