Xtreme Pro Stand Mounted Tablet & Phone Holder

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Multiple Angles Light Weight Plastic

The AP30 is a tablet holder that will also hold a smartphone or a powerbank - your iPad will never die on stage again!
This innovative product has a durable, lightweight, plastic construction built to XTreme's super high standards
This product will last you for many years to come.
The AP30 is adjustable from multiple angles that enables it to suit a wide range of tablets and smartphones - we haven't found one that doesn't fit!
It's recommended for tablets ranging in size: 20-30 cm high x 8-24 cm wide.
The integrated combination smartphone/powerbank holder extends from 6-10 cm.
There is a full 180 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation range of movement so it can be seen from any angle.
The soft foam protective padding at the contact points protects your device from any damage.
The AP30 screws to any standard mic stand and has a desktop option should you wish.

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