Yamaha Rare Vintage Electone YC-30 Combo Organ

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This is an extremely rare model Yamaha YC30 Combo Organ from 1970.
Surprisingly it is in overall pretty good working condition, with all keys and features actually working. The ribbon controller is intermittent however (Sorry anybody looking for a CS series strip!;-) and the Fuzz feature is ....just weird!
It comes with the original legs, lid and volume pedal, but the bolts/tri-wheels from the stand are missing. Legs are in average condition as regards rust. Please check the pics for the condition.
Obviously it could do with a proper full service, although the best thing with combo organs that haven't been played for years, is to simply play them and move all the keys and controls around. This helps with getting good contacts. It is superior vintage Yamaha build quality however......something other manufacturers could learn from!
We no longer have a tech here so we are clearing out many vintage items as they are and are placing a very sensible price (well below the market asking price for them) and letting it go at that.
This Combo Organ can be seen and tried out where it is - with advance notice so we can set it up to be played.
If you're looking for a fully restored keyboard please be aware that this has NOT been fully restored., but is in pretty exceptional working order for a 50 year old keyboard.
We just desperately need to clear space here so we don't have to continue paying for separate storage space.
Below please find copy of description of features from Combo Organ.
Vibrato: Touch Vibrato, Vibrato and Vibrato speed
Bass: 16', 8' and Man. Bass.
Section I: 16', 8', 4', 2-2/3', 2', 1-3/5', 1'
Section II: Bright, 16', 8', 4', 2', 1'
Red Levers: Fuzz, Attack 2 2/3', Percussion, Marimba, Mar. Select and Mar. Speed
Portamento: 16', 8', 4'
Knobs: Pitch, Volume, Bass Volume, Man. Sustain, Port. Volume
Tabs to left of keyboard: Preset1, Preset 2
Tabs to right of keyboard: Sustain 8', Attack 8' Normal/Fast, Attack 2-2/3' Extension

Top-of the line single-manual. 44 Treble Keys, 17 Bass keys, switchable to extend the Treble section. Adds a few new voices (Marimba, Fuzz , Attack and Sustain) over the YC-20, and a couple of really unique features:

Portamento or "pitch ribbon" - used to make theremin-like sounds (not a "pitch-bender", as you might expect). It has it's own 16', 8' and 4' flute voices. The range of the pitch ribbon is 3 octaves. This strip is NOT physically the same as the one on the YC-45D - they're not interchangeable.
Presets - two sets of miniature-tone levers that duplicate the function of the regular Ch I and II levers. They can be preset and selected at the touch of a switch, similar to Hammond presets, but they can be adjusted right from the top of the organ. I think these are quite similar to the preset bank found in the CS-80 synthesizer.

The Attack 2-2/3' adds a percussion-like attack (but different from the Percussion sound). The range of effectiveness is very odd, though - with the Attack 2-2/3' Extension off, it works on all keys down to the C# in the first white octave. The Extension tab "extends" this range down to the F# in the black octave - very strange.
The 8' voices have a couple of odd features. The Sustain 8' tab adds a sustain after key-release to the 8' voices only (Section I or II). The normal Section I voices for all footages except 8' give a classic combo organ style "key click", just like on the YC-20. The Attack 8' tab adds a percussive attack to the 8' voice, but it's still not the same as the regular key-click - not as sharp. Why they chose to limit this to the 8' voices I have no idea.
The Fuzz does not affect the Manual Bass voices
The Marimba adds a repeat sound as you hold a key - it alternately plays the key pressed and the octave or octave+5th, depending on the Mar. Select setting. The Mar. Speed selects slow or fast repeat.

Portamento strip. Controls only the three Portamento voices - no other levers have any effect on the Portamento sound. It has the same key-click found on the Section I voices. It's a single-triggering click - holding a spot on the strip and pressing another does not regenerate the click. The strip is monophonic. You press on it and it plays a note, then you can slide your finger up and down the strip, and the pitch goes up and down continuously, like a trombone. If you press on two different spots, only the last one pressed will sound. This allows for some interesting effects - if you hold one spot and repeatedly press another, the pitch jumps back and forth between the two, whether the second spot is higher or lower.
The main Volume control controls the overall volume, including the bass section, and there's no separate volume for the Treble section. What this means is that you don't have full control over the Treble/Bass balance - you can get the bass section only so loud relative to the treble, and no louder.

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