Zoom Player 2100 Multi Effects Pedal

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The Zoom Player 2100 has a 60-patch capacity of 33 20-bit digital effects, 7 of which can be combined simultaneously. There are 13 distortion modes alone, including an acoustic setting. It is intended to be used in front of your favorite amp, as there is no amp modeling in this unit. There is, however a tuner function.

It also features a 32-second phrase-sampler function that allows you to record a phrase from the aux input and slow it down without changing the pitch to aid in practice or learning solos. This also functions as a "Jam Play" function which allows you to use three basic samples that can be recorded for up to 5 seconds simultaneously.

Using a control pedal, there is also a pedal-pitch mode. There are standard modulation effects (chorus, flanger, phase) and reverb/delay  effects.

The protective factory film is still in place and the original plexi panel is in good condition. All buttons/controls perform as expected.

This unit has some light scratches and some minor rusting on the bare metal plates. This unit does not come with a bag or case and does not include a power supply.
This unit has been tested and is in working order.

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